Standards and quality certificates
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Standards and quality certificates

Quality as a principle….until the end

Our commitment to quality from the beginning of the manufacturing process is one of the most evident reasons for the growth of Hiansa, S.A., and continues to be a firm foundation in the present and a promise for the future.

We understand quality as a commitment that begins with the conception and design of the product and continues with quality in processes and finishes, delivery and technical assistance in the installation and finally following up client satisfaction through an appropriate after-sales service. The certifications that have been awarded to the company by the most prestigious national and international certification institutions (EN-ISO 9001 and IQNET) guarantee the quality of our products in the market. These comply with the strictest and most demanding laboratory standards regarding raw materials, manufacturing processes, finish qualities and technical delivery conditions.

Standards that apply

Standard EN 10143

Continuously hot-dip metal coated steel sheet and strip.

Dimension and shape tolerances.

Standard EN 10169

Continuously organic coated (coil coated) steel flat products.

Standard EN 10346

Hot-dip galvanised stainless steel coated flat products.

Standard EN 14509

Double-metal side, insulating, self-supporting sandwich panels.

Doval Building quality certificates

Hiansa quality certificates

Steel sheet

Composite slabs

Hiansa Panel quality certificates

Insulation panels

Calculation program

Forjados colaborabtes HIANSA

Given the diversity of promotors and clients in the world of composite slab sheeting (from large architectural/design engineering studios to mounting or iron warehousing companies), we decided from the beginning to confide in a tool that was full-featured, user-friendly and simple; we chose to separate all the literature and information about this technology (calculation hypothesis according to EC3 and EC4, installation recommendations and so on, all widely developed in the Help section) from the calculation area itself.

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